Crossing the Julian Alps

Crossing the Julian Alps

Julian Alps are not the highest, but certainly one of the most beautiful. Major part lies in Slovenia as the highest mountains of the country. Part of it then also extends to Italy. Important Slovenian rivers Soča and Sava rise here. White limestone rocks contrast with green meadows, which form in some places literally botanical gardens. Just swing through few mountain passes to the central part withTriglav(2864 m) and you stand in the middle of an arid stony wasteland. During summer water is the most valuable thing here. You can tell if you head this way with us on a five-day hike over the Julians. The trek requires average fitness of tourists. All you bear are your clothes and one-day food and drink. All the rest you find at huts for our overnight stay.



Day 1

Meeting in the afternoon at mountain pass Vršič by the Tičarjevdom hut - transport can be combined by the mutual agreement. Evening walk to Sleme, a meadow with views on Jalovec.

Day 2

Through the gap of Prisojnik cross the valley and over the Planja pod Razorom pass to the Pogačnikov dóm. Lodging.

Day 3

Relatively short route. Over Bavški Gamsovec (2392 m) to the Luknja pass and from there to Tržašska Koča at Dolič pass. We spend the night here and recover. The highest mountain of Slovenia awaits us the next day.

Day 4

Challenging and long day. Early in the morning we head out to Triglav and try to climb up through the Triglav crevice. From the summit we descend to the Planika Dom. We complete the circuit following the contour line back to Dolič and then to Hribarice pass. Across the platform with  hardly noticeable path we reach the Zasavska koča, where we spend the night.

Day 5

There will be two options depending on the fatigue from previous days.

We move down to Trenta and bus take us back to Vršič or we wander through the  magic valley of Triglav lakes and then continue around the Koča na Planine pri jezeru to Stara Fužina. Here we take a taxi back to Krajinska Gora.


Price: 4000, -CZK (€ 160)/person (includes guide and his expences, copies of maps)

Other expences: transport, 4x night  (€10 OeAV members, others double price)

Date: August 2012

Group size: 4-10 people


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